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About me

My name is Joanna Kuruçaylıoğlu. I graduated from law school at the University of Rzeszów in 2015. I am a Ph.D. student at Istanbul University in the Turkish Private Law department. The topic of my doctoral dissertation is "Public Order in International Family Law".I am the author of the articles entitled "Evaluation of the Minimum Standard of the Treatment to be Provided in the Turkish Temporary Protection Regime and Legislation" (No. 13/2021) and "The Principle of Non-refoulment within the Deportation Procedure, Admission to the Country, Right to Life and the Freedom of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment According to the Turkish Legislation on Temporary Protection Regime" (No. 14/2021), which were published in the Scientific Journals of the University of Szczecin - Administrative Studies ( ).

In June 2016, I founded the Association of Poles in Istanbul and a  magazine called Lehistan Sokağı. In 2018, I won the Maciej Płażyński for journalists and media serving Poland. While I was working in the Polish Association as part of my social commıtment for the Polish community, I was giving legal advice to Poles.


I started my legal practice in Turkey at Bıçak Hukuk (Ankara) and continued at Doğan Hukuk Bürosu and Yümüç Hukuk Bürosu in Istanbul.  I am a recommended Polish-Turkish lawyer by the Polish Consulate in Istanbul and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( ).


Spoken languages: fluent in English, Turkish, and basic knowledge of Russian.

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